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Making a Career Change Can Be Overwhelming

With years of recruiting and career coaching experience we have the network and relationships you benefit you. We encourage job candidates seeking a career/position change to take advantage of the many services we offer. Also, don't forget to check out the our latest career opportunities on our current openings page.

Marketing Your Skills


Your resume is your best marketing tool during the job search. It should reflect your strengths, abilities, skills, and accomplishments. We can help you fine tune it. Using a personal consultation, CTA can create a resume that is more than just a career history or summary of your achievements. We will create a powerful marketing document that highlights your talents, potential, and value. It will stand out and ensure that hiring managers take notice. Every resume is customized to your background, knowledge, skills, abilities, job search needs, and career goals.

Cost: $200 - $500, based on complexity and length.


A great cover letter quickly captures your strengths and qualifications in a short, concise, professional letter. We will help you compose a focused, targeted cover letter that captures your story. You can then use this as a "base letter" and adapt it to different job opportunities without extensive rewriting.

Cost: Initial letter - $75, additional variations - $25.

Interview Preparation

Using a unique tele-coaching format, CTA will assist you in preparing for interviews by teaching you how to research the company, the position, and the industry. Then we'll guide you in preparing and rehearsing answers to the most common interview questions. We will also help you address perceived problem areas or weaknesses. Finally, we will give you the top interview do's and don'ts, and interview secrets that will ensure you stand out in the crowd.

Cost: $200 (up to two hours of time, tracked in 15 minute increments)



Do you need some advice on dealing with the touchy subject of salary? CTA can help you make this a "profitable" exercise. We'll develop a negotiating strategy to keep the discussion from moving too early to compensation. Then we'll help you understand when it's to your advantage to discuss salary, benefits, start date, and perks.


Talking to your current employer can be stressful. How will they react? How do you ensure you leave on the best of terms, regardless of the situation? CTA can help you with strategies to resign professionally and positively.

Cost: $50 per hour (tracked in 15 minute increments)

Full Job Search Package

This is a full service support package for those individuals who need not only a resume and cover letter, but also need job search tips and tricks, and on-going support throughout their job search. We will guide you through the development of a job search plan, teach you to network, prepare you for the interview, help you weigh your options, and negotiate your ideal opportunity.

Cost: $750 to $1500 depending on level of search and length of time, (up to 6 hours of time, tracked in 15 minute increments)

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